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The Most Overrated Tailgate Appetizer

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Listen, before everyone starts freaking out, we are not saying Buffalo Chicken Dip (BCD) is awful. Or that we wouldn't eat it. Or think it is the lesser of the dip family tree.

Tailgate Professional Steven A Smith Overrated Tailgate Appetizers

What we are saying is that the hype around it is absolutely, positively, 1000% absurdly overrated. And before the masses start to crucify us for “erroneous” claims, let is prove our hypothesis that it is merely the ideaof BCD to which causes you animals to get all hot and bothered.

Tailgate Professional image about appetizers to bring to a tailgate

And we get it. For so long you had to deal with the boring and predictable chips and salsa. Guac, which for a point in time was the new kid on the block but then suddenly became uncool. Seven-layer dip. Spinach and artichoke. Maybe some crappy fake crab dip that made you bloat like the Goodyear blimp. For parties as long as you can remember, those bad boys were the norm. The predictable snacks. There was nothing more constant in the world other than Penn State not being able to hold a 4th quarter lead against Ohio State...

Tailgate Professional Penn State Ohio State Football Score

Tailgate Professional Penn State Ohio State Football Score 2

But then, somewhere circa 2014, the world forever changed. And we can admit, the first time it was ever dished out at a work potluck, our minds were blown too. Some can argue it was a food revelation, similar to the first time you had Chipotle or Chick-fil-A. One would have thought the little old lady who brought it was Emeril himself...

Asking yourself... "like how did she get all the flavors of a wing into one delectable bite"? "did she slave for hours in the kitchen"? We needed to know!

But over the course of the past half-decade, the BCD crusade has become too much and someone needs to stand-up and say enough is enough. The amount of better quality and sufficient options out there today should put BCD in everyone’s rear view mirror. But the main rationale ties back into the obsession around the “idea” of it. Not its actual satisfying qualifications to make it one of the elite apps at your next tailgate. Answer us this… how many spoonful’s of the BCD can you actually eat? And we are talking about the average normal person. Honestly, when that sucker is sitting out on the table and you go in for a scoop, it is not like you are loading up your plate because we all know that 9 times out of 10 it is going to do a number on your insides. Sure, the first bite tastes bliss. And maybe the second is close behind. But if you can look yourself in the mirror and truthfully say that once you get to bite's three and four that you are not over it and ready to move on, then you are one big fat liar. Pants definitely on fire.

Next time you are at an event, maybe do a little social experiment. Take a look at all the plates in the trash or still scattered around on the table. Like a Mark Messier 1996 game 6 guarantee...

Tailgate Professional New York Rangers Stanley Cup Victory will see that 95% of them still contain BCD on them with wasted veggies, pita bread and blue cheese dressing starting to get the yellow-ish-brown crusty film over the top of it. It’s shameful. Wasteful. Quite literally a travesty.

But it is also one of those things where there is a lot of smoke of mirrors with it as well. BCD is like a game of tinder catfish with how you set up your profile picture. It may be a little dated. Or you were having a good hair day – back when you had hair. Or maybe it was prior to you missing cutting season and just continuing bulking for 12 consecutive months. With BCD, you hear the name and you get all giddy. The person bringing it to the party is the “it” guest. “OMG – Jenny brought the BCD, wow how great is she?” And there it is, just sitting there all hot and steamy with a crowd awaiting to dig in

But the thing with BCD, and we hate to burst everyone’s bubble; the dip is 80% cream cheese, 10% hot sauce, 5% other misc. cheese and 5% chicken. Just let that noodle in your head (and stomach) for a second. You are essentially eating spicy cream cheese with the hope of getting a piece of chicken. Mmm Mmm Mmm satisfying, right?

And again, some of you may like that. But this is the point we are trying to make. There are other fish in the sea. There are better options. And BCD is simply not worth the hype. At the end of the day, if you have a choice between the BCD vs the field. Take the field. Please. For you and the toilet.

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