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Who We Are - Baltimore Maryland's Best Tailgate Rental Service 

If there was a dollar for every time we heard that saying, you wouldn't be reading this. We would be on a yacht in the Caribbean or be sipping some Dom Perignon overlooking the Amalfi Coast. But that is neither here nor there.


Tailgate Professional is a hobby turned hospitality & entertainment service built around getting you and group of your favorite people to experience the ambiance that is tailgating without any of the unnecessary burdens that comes with planning one. To read more about us and how this idea came to fruition, check out our blog post here.


But after years of organizing countless events for friends and family, we decided that it was time to help others who are traveling near or far for that special event and do not have the necessary materials or just do not want to deal with the logistical obstacles. 


With Tailgate Professionals you can expect your rental to have all your game-day needs provided and serviced, allowing you to enjoy your event, stress-free.


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