Are four chairs not enough? Maybe want one additional cooler to keep those extra beers cold for later in the day? Do not worry, Tailgate Professional has you covered to make sure you have everything needed to either make your guests that much more comfortable or to help keep things a little organized when game-day rolls around.


As part of your tailgate, you are already provided with a certain number of items based on the package you selected. Should you feel you need more of any item, browse through our selection of additional add-ons and Tailgate Professional will make sure they arrive at your tailgate along with your selected package.


If you are all good with tables, chairs and coolers; but maybe are looking for something else to make your tailgate complete. Perhaps a grill? Corn-hole set? Or just wanting more tailgate time? Visit our Premium Add On page to browse through our selection of items and services.

Standard Add Ons

  • Chairs 

    • 2 chairs for $20
    • 4 chairs for $40


    • 1 table for $40
    • 2 tables for $80


    • 1 cooler for $40
    • 2 coolers for $80


    Tailgate Essentials Pack (Paper plates, plastic utensils (forks, spoons, knives), napkins, paper towels, 16oz. plastic cups and bins to organize it all on the tables)

    • Premium Package (12-15 people) $40
    • Premium Plus Package (up to 30) $80
  • Tailgate Professional does not offer additional canopy tents for rent.

    • For all Baltimore Ravens tailgates taking place in M&T Bank Stadium parking lots, the stadium authority does not allow for the use and set-up of canopy tents.
    • For Navy & Maryland tailgate packages, each spot accounts for the max number and allotted space for a canopy tent.