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What Makes Tailgate Professional Different?

Tailgate Professional explaining what make the company different

What makes you different? Is there anyone else in the area that is doing the same thing as you? Why would someone pay you that much money for a tailgate? Aren’t there other services or events that someone can choose to utilize? What do I get out of using you vs another vendor or doing everything myself?

We get these questions a lot. All of which is valid when a customer is searching and trying to make a decision on which service meets their particular needs and wants. And for the most part, these are the questions and comments we try to market and advertise to... head on. As with most companies who are entering a market where there are already businesses doing the same or similar thing as you, we feel like the toughest questions are the most compelling ways for Tailgate Professional to express why someone may need our services over another. With all this in mind, are there some other companies out there that offer what we do? Yes. In a way. But not a 1:1 replica. What we are looking to do is service a different demographic and/or target market when it comes to our offerings. Now, if we a get a request that overlaps into one of those markets will we say no… absolutely not. But, what we see as our bread butter is an area where no one has truly tried to solve for when it comes to the rental tailgate scene.

Our overall goal is to service those people who simply want to have a normal tailgate. And what we mean by normal is not a $75 dollar all you can drink/eat event standing in a massive lot with 500 other people. We are not only offering a service for a minimum of 80 people to put on a corporate event. Now, as stated above, if that is something you want, we can certainly work with you to accomplish. It just is not where the focus is at this moment in time. However, it is for those groups of 8 or 12 or 30 people who want everything of a traditional tailgate but simply do not own the equipment, are maybe traveling from out of town or simply just do not want to deal with all the hassle of planning and coordinating.

The best way to covey what we are trying to do is by giving real life scenarios:

  1. Being an alum of the University of Maryland, you are currently living in an apartment in downtown Baltimore. You have some friends you went to college with coming down for a weekend and you guys want to go to Saturday afternoons game. But the issue is you live in a 700 sq/ft apartment where you barely have enough room for your bike to ride to work. So obviously you do not have anything like a tent, table or chairs readily available. And say even if you went out to buy the supplies, where are you going to store all that stuff after the game? On top of that, being a guys weekend – it can be assumed no one is going to want to deal with the driving to and from the stadium.

  2. You and your family are from Chicago and da Bears are playing the Ravens one Sunday this fall. You are all die-heart bears fans who never miss a game and tailgate before every home game. This year you plan a trip to Charm City to catch a game. The only problem is that you are flying to Baltimore, staying in a hotel and have no idea of the surroundings at the stadium. You think about paying for a large tailgate party, but you have three kids with you and want to just do something more family friendly. What options do you have? Take the rental car, try to find random parking somewhere near the stadium and dig into some pre-made deli sandwiches?

  3. As a Navy graduate, you are coming back to Annapolis for a big weekend when Air Force comes into town for a pseudo reunion with all your friends and significant others. Since you and your friends are all flying in from different parts of the country it is going to be a little difficult to try to set up a tailgate considering no one has a car, the materials, or the time for the planning. Given everyone lives in different parts of the country and rarely get to see each other, you want to spend the time catching up and enjoying your time rather than dealing with all the logistics. There are only about eight couples so renting a large space does not really make sense but you want to be able to tailgate both prior and during halftime.

In all these types of scenarios, this is where Tailgate Professional excels. Let us handle all the work. All the logistics. And all the equipment. Because at the end of the day, tailgating is an experience that takes work. And whether you have done it before or are new to the game, there are a lot of moving pieces and in many cases, there is a place and a time where handling it yourself is just not possible (or just not wanted).

Now those other services out there are great, and they do serve a particular need; if that is what you are looking for. Some people may want that “all you can” option. But for some, it may not be that appealing. There are plenty of people who just want to be behind the grill cooking up their own sausage and peppers. Or hell, maybe they do not want to be around a bunch of drunken buffoons from the opposing teams fan base who probably shouldn’t have started miller time so early.

There are also those larger scale tailgate rentals that have all the crazy bells and whistles, but you just cannot seem to find the option for the smaller scale tailgate option. Sure, would it be awesome to have a trailer rental with your own private bathroom, satellite TV and built in bar? Yup, that would be pretty sweet. But at the end of the day, not everyone see’s that as a must have at a tailgate…especially for the price.

Or there is a time and a place where you need to rent a home or building near the stadium because a vendor is hosting some clients and needing to close a deal or show face is part of the business. Again, there are companies that specialize in that, but for the average tailgater, we do not think you need nor want a house with waiters walking around serving up serving up gazpacho and topping off you champagne flute with Rose. Give me a parking lot with a clear blue sky, steak sandwich and ice-cold beer.

We kind of want to say that we are the Southwest Airlines of the tailgate business. We know our demographic and not everyone needs the thrills and frills to have good time. Like Southwest, they knew people just want to get from point A to point B with good reliable service at a fair price. We are not trying to be the Qatar’s or Emirates of the world. Nor are we trying to be Spirit either!

So give us an opportunity to show you what we are all about. We promise to make your game day experience one you will not forget…with no hidden fee’s 😉

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