Hi, we are Tailgate Professional. Let's get to know each other, shall we?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

*There is going to be a lot of changing of tenses in this read...and probably in most things that get written in this blog and on the site. I am already questioning the header and after staring at it for 15 minutes I am saying screw it and letting it roll. That being said, if you are some english/grammar/spelling/hooked on phonics savant, I am saying this now. I do not care if I am talking in the past tense, 3rd person or using the spelling of "your" for "you're". I didn't care in school, I should probably care now but just let it ride and deal with it.

OK. With that being said....

Hey. How are ya? Good, that is great to hear. Here are some little tidbits about me...if you care to know. Which I am assuming you do because you clicked to read.

I am a New York Giants, Rangers and Knicks fan (light on the Knicks). My MLB team is the Baltimore Orioles. With college football, I ruin the months Sept to Dec for my girlfriend because of Penn State and the same could be said for Nov through March because of ***Gonzaga.

I was born in Maryland. Experienced my childhood years in "central" (not Princeton) New Jersey. Made my life long high school friend living in Las Vegas. Decided to go to college back in Maryland as my parents picked up and moved to Chicago all while spending miscellaneous holidays in Pennsylvania.

I am not even going to try to make all the connections because that is a whole other blog post...

Tailgate Professional Explaining The Company

***"Oh you are such a front-runner rooting for Gonzaga. You're not even from Spokane or Washington for that matter. How can you even be a fan?" Well my friend, let me tell you. I have been a Gonzaga fan since I was 6 years old living in New Jersey. Why? I haven't a clue. The only explanation is I liked the name. And for you good catholics out there, made it my confirmation name in the 8th grade. But when you dress up as Dan Dickau for the fourth grade Halloween parade or take a train by yourself into Newark on Tuesday school night to see them play at Continental Airlines Arena (RIP) or strategically go to bed at 9pm only to then have your parents wake you up at 12am so you can watch their game or quite literally almost ruining your relationship with your girlfriend because they blew a 12 point second half lead to Syracuse in the elite eight to end their opportunity at a first final four appearance...then you try telling me I am front-running/fair weather fan. I dare you. But I digress.***

Baltimore, MD has been home since graduation with an almost potential move to Charleston, SC. I tell my girlfriend she better thank the Baltimore Orioles for putting a stop to that potential life altering move. Why? Happy you asked. Imagine walking in downtown Charleston. It's late February. 70 degrees, sunny and absolutely beautiful. Oh you can't? Here, let me help...

Tailgate Professional South Carolina

Now back in Baltimore...

Tailgate Professional Baltimore City Skyline

When February rolls around it's cold. It's dark. It's gloomy. It's snowy. I am working at a job that I am pretty sure was not even paying me minimum wage if you broke everything out. And now, I had a paid trip down to South Carolina where I was offered the job on the spot which came with a yuuuge salary bump. One could say I was dancing on sunshine. So I was thinking (as I purchased an absurdly overpriced and obnoxiously bright vineyard vines button up as a present for myself) "Ryan, Rebecca will be OK with this" but knowing all too well that was not true at all. But as I frolicked around the streets of my potential new home like a giddy little pre-teen about to see Taylor Swift for the first time, my phone starts to ring. I don't answer. It rings again, and again, I do not answer. Side note - I am not good at answering calls. I blame that trait on my father. Anyway, fourth time must have been the charm because I pick up.

Guy on phone:"Hi Ryan, this is Ryan"

Me: "Who?"

Guy on phone: "Its Ryan"

Me: "Umm, ok"

Long story short, "Other Ryan" was my "account manager" from the Orioles calling about renewing my season ticket package for the next year. Hand up, had no idea I had an account manager. And hand up again, I actually don't think I really had/have an account manager. You see, when you have the cheapest package with the worst seats in the worst section, you generally do not get that type of service. In all reality, he was probably just an intern they had calling because I needed to pay my deposit. So there I am. At the crossroads of my life. Move and leave Baltimore behind to have a great job with substantially more money... and I get to live in Charleston. Or pay the deposit, fly back to Baltimore, and go back to my insufferable job...but I get to stay with my girlfriend (love you babe!). Well Rebecca, you better thank your lucky stars "Other Ryan" didn't give up on my first, second or third ignored call. But enough about that. Let's get back to talking more about me!

*Reader note: As a disclaimer (and to not get my butt kicked), Rebecca was the main reason I stayed.

Hobbies? I really only read on vacation. And that's more of a contest with the girlfriend to see who reads more in a week (spoiler, I win). TV? Meh, I guess. But who doesn't. Gambling? Can neither confirm or deny because my mother could be reading this. I guess maybe golf, but I suck at it. When the only score I stop caring about is the number of balls I lose, then I may consider it a hobby. Cooking? Sure, but there is the purchasing and cleaning up that is usually the limiting factor. I do partake in organized exercise classes focused on functional everyday movements. But contrary to popular belief, I am one of those people who try to keep that to myself. So moving on from there...

Tailgate Professional Explaining Tailgating

I am the proud father of not-so-mini but technically miniature golden doodle named Cody. He's a stud. And yes, I know he looks like a teddy bear. Thats why *I/we got him. So keep the compliments coming.

*This is one of those areas where I mention at the start of the blog where grammar was going to be a struggle. Also trying to incorporate the lady friend in this story makes things tricky. Do I just say "I"? Do I just say "we"? Will the reader know who "we" is? Do I need to explain Rebecca? Do I call her Rebecca or just stick with girlfriend? Does the reader know enough for me to transition naming from girlfriend to Rebecca? My mind is in a pretzel and I could possibly be in the dog house with Cody if you-know-who gets offended by this.